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67-77,Biharia Street,district 1. Building J

TEL:+40-21-201 17 66
FAX:+40-21-201 17 67
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Aviation Metallurgy Enterprise-METAV S.A. is an aircraft metallurgy profiled company having has scope of activities including the production of :special steel shop; precision forgings; sand and investment castings; wheels and braking systems for light and medium aircrafts; braking systems for tanks; special steels and super alloys; spectral chemical analyses and mechanical tests. Aviation Metallurgy Enterprise-METAV S.A. has the entire facilities to manufacture the range of high complexity and accuracy components-small series-and prototypes for the army,automotive industry and energetics. Our company is a joint-stock SME ,founded in 2004, by taking over the production capability and laboratories from METAV SA. Allow us to introduce our company as a great Romanian aviation metallurgy manufacturer that has: 1. SAND CASTING AND INVESTMENT FOUNDRY ?V implements casting technologies with lost wax patterns. It produces thin-wall and high complexity castings in a large range of metallic materials: low and high alloyed steels, stainless and high temperature refractory steels, high alloyed cast iron and aluminum. 2. PRECISION FORGE ?V equipped with mechanical presses for stamping and die-forging in order to manufacture forgings made of steels and non-ferrous alloys. The range of high complexity and accuracy components, manufactured by our company includes blades and vanes for turbo-jet engines and power turbines, made in Al - and Ti ?V base alloys, heat resistant steels and superalloys. We also produce parts for automotive industry (connecting rods, levers for engine, universal joints, gears etc.) 3. MACHINE WORKS ?V where are made the wheels and braking systems for aircrafts, brakes for tanks, bimetallic plates and sintered plates made of metallically-ceramics powders. 4.HEAT TREATMENTS 5.MECHANICAL TESTING LAB (tensile tests, compression, bending, hardness determination, fatigue, fracture mechanics, creep), STRUCTURAL ANALYSES (quantitative and qualitative with optical microscopy), SPECTRAL CHEMICAL ANALYSES. 6. The STEEL SHOP has a technological flow using state-of-the-art equipment as well as a vacuum induction melting furnace, made by CONSARC USA. The capacity is 2500 kg/melt, and includes a vacuum electro re-melting furnace. 1. Vacuum induction melting furnace of 2.500 kg. 2. Vacuum arc re-melting installation of 1.200 kg. The manufactured product range covers the following domains: -STEELS: Stainless and refractory steels: W1.4541, W1.4571, 316, 314, 304, W1.4401, MARAGING, W1.4841;High alloyed steels for die-blocks: W85, C120;High speed steels: RP3, RP5. -SPECIAL STEELS:Ni base alloys; Hot plastic deformable Ni base alloys: INCONEL X 750, INCALOY 901, INCONEL 625, NC19FeNb, NIMONIC 80A,NIMONIC 90, UDIMET 520, UDIMET 720,etc.;Co base alloys: Stellite, X45 etc. Any other grades of special steels according to technical specifications of the customer
AVIATION METALLURGY ENTERPRISE-METAV SA manufactures following products
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